From time immemorial, humans have relied on communication to carry out their day-to-day tasks. Though the channels used to communicate back then were simple, they managed to build empires and create some of our most cherished institutions.

Today, we have better communication channels thanks to technological advancements which have made it easier for us to conduct our businesses and make our history. Communication, either on a one-on-one basis or between groups of people, mainly depends on the channels used.
Two Way Communications Ltd is a telecommunications firm providing a wide range of communication & security-related solutions and products to clients. We aspire to meet our clients’ needs as well as provide up-to-the-minute delivery of products and services. With over 12 years of experience, we have carved a niche by providing our customers with the uttermost product and service satisfaction from their point of view. We have managed to keep abreast with the ever-advancing technology as well as provide our clients with real-time solutions. Our success is attributed to the wide range of products & services we offer that range from office telecommunications products to security solutions. Some of our notable customers include Kenyan Power and Lighting Company, Del Monte Kenya, Kenya Wildlife Services, Kenya Airways, Airtel Kenya, and Telkom Kenya to name a few.
We are located in the heart of Nairobi with a strength of over 22 employees. While many purport to sell great customer service but only a few deliver, we at Two Way Communications Ltd treat customer service as a major priority and our entire business revolves around customer satisfaction. Our Technical Service Center, located in Nairobi, consists of people who are not only educated & factory trained but also understand customers’ service expectations and how to meet & exceed their demands. At our service center, we pride ourselves on having a team of professionals who are well equipped to handle any of our customers’ needs that would range from project consultancy, surveys & technical advice, repairs, installations, and system decommissioning.
Our Core Values
Customer satisfaction
Our customers come first and their satisfaction is our ultimate goal. As a company, we strive to provide top-notch services that give our customers value for their money. We believe that achieving customer satisfaction is the key to our business’ success.
We live by the mantra of learning something new every day. We aim to improve our services through innovation and individual skills to achieve the company’s goals. Our team also shares the same mindset and works together to improve our results.
We let our results do the talking, literally. As a telecommunications company, we understand the value of clarity. We are straightforward and precise in every exchange and create an environment for open discussions with our customers.
Reliability is important to us as it ensures that our business runs smoothly. Every member of our team ensures that they deliver on time and quality consistently. You can count on us to be your reliable partner to look after your business interests in the areas of our expertise.