MASTS - Lattice painted or Galvanized.
With demand for a line of site Networks and also elevated platforms for installation of Antenna systems, we provide Triangular lattice masts. They can either be painted or galvanized. We also erect them to heights that are practically determined during site surveys. Our experience in this line of product has given us assignments in countries all over E. Africa where we have installed both Guyed and Self-supporting Masts. For existing Masts, we do provide Maintenance services, rigging services where we can align Antenna / Microwave Radio systems, install or remove any loaded equipment on the mast structure, etc.
Security Systems
Current security and management challenges demand a sophisticated surveillance system that can give instant information and archive the same without degradation for a reasonable period. The various digital IP & analog cameras can offer an extremely low maintenance security system which has been a critical management tool where theft and fraud have to be controlled, where evidence for prosecution is crucial, where an eye is required for supervision and hence improve on production or where future evidence or information is required.
Two-way, when you want to Talk.
As our motto goes, “Two way when you want to Talk”, we at Two Way Communications Ltd do endeavor to support all your communication requirement by distributing Motorola, Codan, Barret, Vertex, Kenwood & ICOM Two-way radio products in Kenya, Uganda, Somalia, Sudan & the entire Great lakes region. We provide Two-way Radio solutions to Non-Government organizations, United Nations, Security Organizations, Industries, Transport companies, Service Industries like taxis, Courier, etc.
RF systems- Wire-Less Data Links
With our Flagship products RADWIN, CABIUM & UBIQUITI Hi-power Outdoor PTP & PTMP Radio system, we can connect sites up to 120km apart on wireless links and at speeds of 100mbps or better. This rugged Microwave Radio Link offers quick deployment and ease of installation on standard pipe masts, lattice masts, or on Towers. UBNT-Bullet 5 offers 100mbps of Real TCP/IP throughput over outdoor multi km Link and in a cost-effective roll-out plan.
Networks & Communication Department (Digital PABX systems.)
We distribute state-of-the-art AVAYA IP PABX, Panasonic, and allied business communication solutions ranging from simple analogue systems to complex IP/ Digital systems with up to over 500 ports.